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About the Alaska Star

The Alaska Star is a weekly community newspaper that has served Chugiak-Eagle River for more than 35 years.

In addition to breaking news, city and state politics, and community features, the Star's coverage focuses on education, military and local sports.

Lee Jordan owned and operated the Star for decades until he sold it to Morris Communications in July 2000.

Jordan started the newspaper in 1971 because he felt Chugiak-Eagle River wasn't getting the attention it deserves.

"We've got some great people who live out here, and they were doing good things, and had problems big-city media didn't acknowledge," he said.

The Star's archives reflect a rich history of personalities and events.

Perhaps the biggest story the Star ever covered was the area's brief fling at independence from the Anchorage borough in 1974 - an independence that proved to be short lived. On April 15, 1975, the state supreme court ruled it unconstitutional, returning the community to Anchorage's fold.

Over the years, Chugiak-Eagle River has experienced dramatic growth. When Jordan published the first issue of the Star, about 6,000 people lived in the area. Today the Star serves a population of about 35,000.

The Star is located at 16941 N. Eagle River Loop Road, near the intersection with the Old Glenn Highway. It can be reached at 907-694-2727.

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