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Story Last modified at 9:39 p.m. on Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reinstating Anchorage Parking Authority a bad decision

Anchorage Parking Authority wants it's old powers back to write downtown parking tickets. Encouraged by the Pacillo sisters, we voted to boot them in 1997. Now the Mayor, Mr. Flynn and Mr. Hall, ex-officio members of the Board, want to give them back their powers.

APA, also known as ACDA (Anchorage Community Development Authority), is a private entity with no accountability to the public for their actions. This ordinance possesses no provision for citizen recourse.

ACDA has not improved its customer-service skills. A Dec. 23 caller to the Dan Fagan radio show recounted how he had been passed to three different employees. The last one listened to his concern, stated their opinion and then hung up on the caller. The last seven years under the current executive director, the City Ombudsman has accumulated reams of citizen complaints against APA/ACDA.

It's inferred that this ordinance might generate revenue. Are we talking nickels and dimes?

I urge Anchorage citizens to call their Assembly representatives to stop this proposal. Should the Assembly choose not to honor the counsel of its citizenry, then please vote on April 5 against this ordinance.

The Pacillio sisters labored hard to stop the Anchorage Parking Authority. We voted to boot APA in 1997. There are no provisions for citizen recourse. They haven't improved their customer service skills. What revenue gain?

It's just another growth hormone for this bureaucracy. It's a bad ordinance for Anchorage citizens.

– Kaye Ekstedt-Pullen

Eagle River

This article published in The Alaska Star on Wednesday, January 19, 2011.