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Story Last modified at 10:49 p.m. on Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Author's sour grapes wrongly portray Stoltze

It is unfortunate that Rep. Bill Stoltze was doing the people's business in Juneau and could not be reached to comment on the spurious claims made by Frank Bailey as reported in the Feb. 24 article, "Stoltze pops up in draft Palin book." What Bailey is quoted as saying does not resemble the Bill Stoltze I have known ever since he worked on the school paper when he attended Chugiak High. I do concede, however, that his service as an aide to legislators Tom Fink, Ed Willis, Sam Cotten and Rick Halford does provide a background that could lead one to consider him to be a "Karl Rovian political animal." Those men were all outstanding and long-serving legislators who had much political savvy to pass along to associates.

Insinuations that Stoltze suggested that campaign laws be violated because he wanted to get a seat on the Reapportionment Board are silly. While reapportionment is important to an area, as we found when Eagle River's Randy Phillips was gerrymandered out of the Senate, the author should know that a legislator cannot serve on that body. Stoltze knows that he can do much more for the community, and for our state, as a legislator than as an administrative appointee. Once an insider and now an outsider, Bailey apparently is just realizing that.

Stoltze may utter a cussword when argued with by a pest who has far fewer credentials, but to label him as "foul-mouthed" was a disservice. I doubt that members of the Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Center, Chugiak Lions Club, Chugiak Volunteer Fire Department or countless other organizations that have been supported over the years by this legislator would agree with that assessment. Thankfully, the reporter properly observed the term was based on unsubstantiated recollections from a biased mind. I know Bill Stoltze to be a true and honest representative of his constituents and one who is extremely careful to avoid any appearance of impropriety. Conversely, the authors of "Blind Allegiance" are known to be outspoken Palin critics and willing to go beyond the pale in trying to discredit her.

Readers of the Star are knowledgeable and keep themselves informed on things that affect the community I like to call the "Center of the Universe." They will recognize this unfortunate portrayal of a dedicated public servant for what it is: sour grapes, pure and simple.

– Lee Jordan,


This article published in The Alaska Star on Wednesday, March 2, 2011.