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Story Last modified at 9:48 p.m. on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anchorage schools seek 3 bond props

Alaska Star staff

The Anchorage School District is proposing three bond propositions in this year's municipal elections. The estimated cost per year per $100,000 of assessed property value – if the state meets the 60-70 percent funding match – is $8.01, according to the Anchorage School District.

Propositions 2 and 3 include projects that would be completed at Chugiak and Eagle River schools. Proposition 1, the costliest of the three, completes a renovation at Service High School in South Anchorage.

Proposition 1

Totals $37.1 million, with 60 percent state reimbursement, for a $20.3 million principal amount for the bond. A renovation of Service High School in South Anchorage.

Proposition 2

Totals $16.8 million, 60 to 70 percent of which the state has approved reimbursement for, according to the School District. It is a maintenance and upgrade bond. Mirror Lake Middle School would receive a new $500,000 fire alarm system; Chugiak High would get $2 million worth of roof replacement in 55,000 square feet of leaking sections, and repaved and painted tennis courts, a $350,000 job. Eagle River Elementary School's failing lighting system would be replaced with a $1.1 million system that uses high-efficiency bulbs.

Proposition 3

Totals $17 million, 60 to 70 percent of which the state would reimburse. Chugiak High's ski storage room would be converted to a Career, Technical and Vocational space, paired with a new dust and ventilation system, all for $1.36 million. Eagle River High would also receive a location for vocational-technical training, although it requires just a $75,000 classroom modification project.

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Eight other bond propositions also will be on ballot

Proposition 4: A $30.8 million Anchorage Roads and Drainage Service Area bond with an estimated $2.11 annual payment on $100,000 of assessed property, to retire.

Prop. 5: Parks and Recreation Anchorage parks improvement bond, with no added cost to Chugiak-Eagle River taxpayers;

Prop. 6: A $941,000 Public Safety Transit Capital Improvement Bond, at a cost of 24 cents per year;

Prop. 7: A $1.15 million Anchorage Fire Protection bond, at a cost of 31 cents per year;

Prop. 8: A $250,000 Anchorage Metro Service Area bond, at a cost of 6 cents per year;

Prop. 9: Allowing disabled veteran property tax exemptions to widows or widowers under the age of 60;

Prop. 10: Changing downtown parking authority regulations; and

Prop. 11: Advisory vote requiring mandatory photo identification for the purchase of alcohol.

This article published in The Alaska Star on Wednesday, March 30, 2011.