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Story Last modified at 7:04 p.m. on Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Loan, Lamoreaux win Eklutna Challenge

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Anchorage's Scott Patterson only trailed two other racers across the finish line, but he still ended up with a healthy dose of mud on his face following the 2011 Eklutna Challenge Duathlon on May 21.

Jason Lamoreaux finished with a flat tire. Sheryl Loan may never run out of gas. Both are champions of the 2011 Eklutna Challenge Duathlon, which was held May 21 at Eklutna Lake.

Eagle River's Loan, 52, also won the race last year. She said she's not sure how many times she's won the 11-year-old running/biking race that winds through the hills above the lake, but she's entered nearly ever year it's been run.

A total of 166 racers turned out for the event, which race director Dan McDonough said usually raises around $1,500 for the Eagle River Nature Center.

Loan said the 5-kilometer run and 15-mile bike ride is a fun race because of the challenging early-season terrain, which this year featured a couple of snowy patches during the mountain bike portion of the race.

A dominant road racer, Loan said the format can be a bit more challenging than a typical race on asphalt.

"It's not just competition against your competitors, but with yourself and your abilities," she said.

Anchorage's Lamoreaux, who biked the final mile with a flat, also won last year. He said the race is a nice, no-pressure way to get back into the outdoor sports season.

"It's just a fun one," he said. "It's a nice, low-key race."

McDonough said that's the idea. The race tries to attract both top-level athletes and weekend warriors alike.

"It's a good mix of some really good racers and some more casual users," he said.

2011 Eklutna Challenge Duathlon

Men's Top 10 – 1. Jason Lamoreaux, 1:05:07.38; 2. David Valdes, 1:08:48.81; 3. Scott Patterson, 1:09:39.64; 4. Jamie Stull, 1:11:38.79; 5. Kenny Brewer, 1:13:09.23; 6. Peter Brewer, 1:15:00.82; 7. Alex Loan, 1:16:03.06; 8. Michael Cipriano, 1:16:28.78; 9. Daniel Vetsch, 1:19:49.97; 10. Thomas Wells, 1:20:48.21

Women's Top 10 – 1. Sheryl Loan, 1:17:09.31; 2. Amber Stull, 1:19:07.07; 3. Caitlin Patterson, 1:20:25.00; 4. Jessie Donahue, 1:20:27.44; 5. Kinsey Loan, 1:20:37.82; 6. Kristina Smith, 1:24:31.12; 7. Kristi Shea, 1:24:41.21; 8. Jessica Vetsch, 1:26:20.84; 9. Erin Beam, 1:27:11.05; 10. Jill Aho, 1:27:55.22

This article published in The Alaska Star on Wednesday, May 25, 2011.