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Story Last modified at 9:04 p.m. on Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fine Arts on the horizon


PHOTO Courtesy Alaska Fine Arts Academy

"Operation Wake Up Sleeping Beauty" is the featured theater production at this year's Bear Paw festival. Entertainer and director Joe King instructs this summer's Theater Conservatory at the Alaska Fine Arts Academy (see our listing under the Monday, June 6, date). The result of the summerlong program will be this year's Eagle River Bear Paw Festival show, which will be held at 7 pm. Fridays and Saturdays, July 1-16. "Operation Wake Up Sleeping Beauty" is an original script written by King. Sure, Aurora is a beautiful princess, but enough about her, already. What do you really know about her 13 fairy godmothers? Come see the production to find out more.

This article published in The Alaska Star on Wednesday, June 1, 2011.