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Story Last modified at 10:17 p.m. on Wednesday, November 3, 2010

LeiLani Steddum & Prestley Nichols


LeiLani Steddum & Prestley Nichols

Hometown: Both girls are Eagle River residents. LeiLani, 12, is a seventh grader at Mirror Lake Middle School. Prestley, 13, is an eighth grader at Gruening Middle School.

In the Spotlight because: What sets these two middle school girls apart? LeiLani became Miss Alaska Preteen in June and Prestley became Miss Anchorage Preteen in September. Now these beauties are headed off to California to represent the state of Alaska in the National American Miss pageant being held at Disneyland. They are looking forward to representing Alaska with pride.

LeiLani has been busy working at events throughout the community. In the National American Miss pageant she will vie for the National American Miss Preteen crown. Newly crowned Prestley is looking forward to working within our community and hoping to capture the National All-American Miss Preteen crown.

This Thanksgiving the girls plan to travel to California to participate in the weeklong national pageant. During their trip to the national pageant, they will be completing the homework their teachers are collecting for them. When not doing school work, the girls will be learning dance numbers, practicing their walks and most of all, making new friends from around the US. No trip to sunny California would be complete without visiting Hollywood and Disneyland which all of the queens will do together.

LeiLani is very excited that her dad is flying in from Afghanistan directly to California to support her at the pageant. He has been deployed for a year and he will be able to escort her on stage for her formal competition.

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This article published in The Alaska Star on Wednesday, November 3, 2010.

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