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Story Last modified at 9:35 p.m. on Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In the spotlight: Pat Mullett

Age: Senior, Chugiak High School

Hometown: Eagle River


Pat Mullett

In the Spotlight because: Pat Mullett led the construction of a study carrel for the Eagle River Public Library for his Eagle Scout project. He approached the library in January to see if they had any projects that he could do for his Eagle Scout project. Librarians Mary Williams and Wendy Sparkman suggested he build a quad-unit study carrel for the library. They had selected one out of a magazine that cost about $2,000, made of fiberboard and plastic wood veneer.

Pat and his dad planned the project and decided to use oak and laminate for the counter-tops instead. He spent a few months planning the project, while attending school and participating in sports. They started building it in late August, with grants and material donations from community businesses and local people. Pat learned leadership skills required to earn Eagle Scout by supervising the construction with the help of 15 people and more than 150 hours of volunteer time. Most of the help came from his Scout Troop 230. The project came in at a little less than $1,000 for everything.

"Not only was it cheaper, but I believe we made a much better quality piece of furniture, because we built it with solid oak and painted it and clear-coated it," Pat said.

"We also raised the whole unit up six inches from the original design in the magazine to provide greater privacy, rounded off the corners for safety, and reinforced all the shelves and desks with oak frames. This project should last for many years to come and should serve the students and people of the Chugiak-Eagle River community well. I'm just glad that I could help the community and earn my Eagle Scout at the same time."

This article published in The Alaska Star on Wednesday, December 29, 2010.

Recommend someone your know for Spotlight