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Jan - 07 - 2010

Obits - Oberg, 92, pioneer Chugiak resident

Obits - Harris, 39, enjoyed ice climbing, camping, spending time with friends

Obits - Landaal, 74, an avid golfer, bowler and angler

Obits - Nentwich, 75, spent 30 years in the Air Force

Obits - Gift, 56, loved gold panning and teddy bears

Obits - Golay, 76, an independent and adventurous spirit

People - Biths: Jan. 7, 2010

People - Lions clubs spread Christmas cheer

People - Achievements:

People - Military Honors: Jan. 7, 2010

Briefs - Town Hall meeting set for Saturday

Briefs - Minimum wage increased Friday

Briefs - Be a dog musher for a day in Businessperson's Race

Briefs - New admission rates take effect at the Anchorage Museum

Briefs - Chamber After-Hours get-together at The Alaska Club

Copscourts - Medical center burglar nabs cash

Copscourts - Expelled student cited for trespass

Copscourts - Stolen laptop returned to school

Copscourts - Hit and run destroys owner's car

Copscourts - Reckless driver leaves license plate behind

Copscourts - Speeding driver surrenders drugs

Copscourts - Police Blotter: Jan. 7, 2010

Letters - Begich is a one-term senator

Military - Alaska Air National Guard has stellar recruiting year

News - City tightens belt, cracks down on lax spending

News - Medivac assists car accident victim in Peters Creek

News - Democrats intend to bypass GOP on health compromise

News - Farewell, Mr. Oberg

News - 'Avatar' rules, topping $1 billion in worldwide sales

Offbeat - Man fights intruder after using 'beer can' alarm

Offbeat - Nebraska trooper finds unusual present: gift-wrapped pot in SUV

Offbeat - Florida man wanting ride to bar calls 911

Offbeat - NYC eatery patron sues restaurant after being hurt by falling moose head

Opinion - Deciding health-care reform: Why I voted 'no'

Opinion - Deciding health-care reform: Why I voted 'yes'

Schools - Little leaders

Sports - Chugiak basketball teams return to action with packed schedules

Sports - Prep hockey back in action

Sports - Need for speed: Olympic speedskater shares expertise

Sports - Eagle River basketball teams ready for conference play

Sports - Middle school cross-country skiing gets under way

Sports - Gruening, Mirror Lake firm up wrestling rosters

Sports - The Week in Sports: Jan. 7, 2010

Jan - 14 - 2010

Obits - Taylor, 87, avid supporter of Eagle River Nature Center

Obits - Diedrich, 73, known as Mr. Fix-It,




People - Military Honors

Spotlight - Lee Jordan

Briefs - American Legion seeking scholarship applicants

Briefs - C-ER Foundation joins 'Pick. Click. Give.'

Briefs - H1N1 clinics set in Anchorage this month

Briefs - Mountain Lions group seeks auction donations

Briefs - Mayor to move forward with city-spending audit

Copscourts - Police Blotter: Jan. 14, 2010

Copscourts - Police Briefs: Jan. 14, 2010

Military - Alaska National Guardsmen save 48 lives in 2009

Military - Fort Rich paratrooper killed in Afghanistan

News - Fatal crash closes Glenn

News - Hit and run, DUI suspect prompts police chase

News - Despite rate increases, MEA predicts no rise in bills

News - Residents have full plate for legislators at meeting

News - Former publisher recalls the Star's early years

Opinion - Star has many hopes for community future

Schools - All-girls team programmed for success

Sports - Chugiak girls net messy victories, boys basketball has split success

Sports - Local hockey teams face off for bragging rights

Sports - Wolves play strong, but come up short against opponents

Sports - Frigid conditions prevail at annual Chugiak Night Flight skate-ski race

Sports - Eagle River girls hoops team in learning curve

Jan - 21 - 2010

Obits - Smith, 80, travel agent and a big fan of the opera

Obits - Marvin, 96, avid pilot and aircraft mechanic

Obits - Soto, 83, a volunteer firefighter

Obits - Tobia, 95, enjoyed sports, reading and fixing things

People - Births

People - Engagements

People - Weddings

People - Military Honors

Briefs - Briefs: Jan, 21 2010

Copscourts - Police Blotter: Jan. 21, 2010

Copscourts - Police Briefs: Jan. 21, 2010

Military - Alaska National Guard deployed to support Haitian recovery efforts

News - MEA Board appoints Griffith as permanent GM

News - Local legislators pre-file several bills

News - New semester of classes gets under way at Fine Arts Academy

News - Eagle River soldier killed by burglars

News - Hiland metal monolith part of waterline project

News - Federal judge: Kott trial was fair

News - Locals score in Big Buck contest

News - For small portion of Hiland Road residents, yet another address change

News - Great decorations, fast times accompany Businessperson's Race

News - Kornmuller wins Eagle River Classic with second-day surge

News - Grammy-winning singer, storyteller to perform for kids in Eagle River

News - Tea service commemorates Senior Center's 35th anniversary

Offbeat - Couple collects cans to pay for earth-friendly wedding

Offbeat - Goats munch Christmas trees

Opinion - Small steps forward make this town better, bit by bit

Schools - Attention alumni: Chugiak High offering surplus yearbooks at discount

Schools - Boys & Girls Club names Youth of the Year

Sports - Chugiak falters in much-anticipated girls hoop matchup with West

Sports - ER boys basketball team falls short in title game with South

Sports - Ice sheet brutal to Chugiak, Eagle River hockey teams

Sports - Unbeaten Nebraska has local basketball star to thank

Sports - Loan, McPhetres, finish one-two in combi-ski

Jan - 27 - 2010

News - Dyson taken to medical center

Jan - 28 - 2010

Obits - Sharrer, 93, spent 30 years in the Army

Obits - Soto, 83, a volunteer firefighter

People - Accomplishment


People - Military Honors

People - Births

Briefs - Eagle River traffic study subject of public meeting

Briefs - Municipality recruiting election workers

Briefs - Municipal Tax $avers program wins top award

Copscourts - Police Blotter: January 28, 2010

Copscourts - Elementary student just says 'no' to offer of drugs from teenagers

Copscourts - Drivers arrested for DWI and outstanding warrants

Copscourts - Drunken driver arrested

Copscourts - Teen facing drug charges

Copscourts - Woman assaults roommate and then turns on puppies

Letters - Sullivan shows fiscal responsibility

Letters - Don't like snowy sidewalks? Move back to San Francisco

Letters - Health-care bill will be hurtful to hard-working families, seniors

Letters - Kindness of strangers brightens the day of longtime resident

Military - Eagle River hosts first high school JROTC Drill competition

News - Eagle River trails unveiled

News - City offers bussing alternative

News - Landfill funds used for construction projects

News - Starr asks FBI to examine city finances

News - Motor home destroyed in fire sparked by propane

News - Dyson taken to medical center

News - Get your snowmobile motor running

News - Wonderful winter

News - Beach Lake's future will guide recreation

Opinion - Outdoors, simplicity and imagination were once the reality of childhood

Schools - Superintendent presents trim budget to School Board

Schools - Gruening's greatest performance

Schools - Well wishes across climates: To Haiti, from Alaska

Sports - Chugiak boys put together 4-0 hockey week

Sports - First middle school ski race introduces many to the sport

Sports - Emotions run high in cross-town basketball

Sports - Chugiak girls win handily over Eagle River foes

Sports - Penalties, power-play goals spoil Eagle River Senior Night

Feb - 04 - 2010

Obits - Bearden, 80, lived on Birchwood Loop since 1955

People - Births: Feb. 04, 2010

People - ACHIEVEMENTS: Feb. 04, 2010

Spotlight - Brianna Holland

Briefs - Sen. Fred Dyson returns to work after brief hospitalization

Briefs - Draft Chugach State Park Plan ready for review

Briefs - Legislative town hall meeting Feb. 13

Briefs - Municipality recruiting election workers

Briefs - Public hearing set for library naming

Briefs - State affairs committee considers webcams

Briefs - State Parks announces anniversary photo contest

Copscourts - Police Blotter: Feb. 04, 2010

Copscourts - Student who smelled of marijuana arrested

Copscourts - Friend suspected in home invasion burglary

Copscourts - Gift cards stolen from medical clinic

Copscourts - Gun-wielding drunk arrested at his home

Copscourts - Teen faces drug and alcohol charges

Copscourts - Traffic stop leads to multiple drug charges

Copscourts - Tobacco heist hits local cigarette store

Copscourts - Woman steals goods from former employer

Letters - Big Buck contest coverage was much appreciated

Letters - Thank you,' Bill Starr for asking tough questions for Assembly

Letters - Thanks to community for great Alpenglow spaghetti feed

Military - Returning to reality

News - Palmer lawmaker raises capital move issue -- again

News - Governor's proposed supplemental budget draws support from local legislators

News - Traffic study targets downtown

News - Theater + dinner = fun

Offbeat - Man stopped while trying to break into, not out of, Oregon jail

Offbeat - PETA proposed robotic groundhog

Opinion - Young and old alike value thrill of dog mushing at Beach Lake

Schools - The pennies war is on

Schools - Alternative Schools Fair showcases area's four optional programs

Schools - Chugiak High offering surplus yearbooks at discount

Sports - Chugiak girls take Bartlett ski relays

Sports - Teammate Loan shows impressive strength in international ski races

Sports - Eagle River hockey fans rock final, nail-biter game

Sports - Lapse in focus cost Chugiak senior night

Sports - Girls hockey finishes winless regular season

Sports - Mirror Lake trails get a workout

Sports - The Week in Sports

Feb - 09 - 2010

News - Potential child-snatcher suspected in Peters Creek

Feb - 11 - 2010

Obits - Doc Green, 73, one of Eagle River's first doctors


Spotlight - Chris Manning

Briefs - Standard & Poor's tells city bond rating safe

Briefs - Nature Center forum set for future development

Briefs - Mayor pitches priorities to Legislature

Briefs - Astronaut is speaker at 'Night with the Stars'

Briefs - First Lady to honor outstanding volunteers

Briefs - Chugiak-Eagle River Food Pantry expands its hours

Briefs - Dahlstrom seeks recognition of Purple Heart day

Copscourts - Police Blotter: Feb. 11, 2010

Copscourts - Shoplifters caught at Carrs grocery store

Copscourts - Eagle River DMV reports potential fraud

Copscourts - Band of thieves travel a long way to steal gas

Copscourts - Former family member suspected of vandalism

Copscourts - Teen arrested for DWI in North Fork parking lot

Letters - Eagle River sports cheated by zone exemptions

Letters - Chugiak-Eagle River Food Pantry thanks its plentiful donors

Letters - Indiana student wants our Alaska animal stories

Military - Survivors of fallen soldiers sought

Military - List of lives lost grows

News - Police seek man stalking young children

News - Suspensions soar at Chugiak

News - How the Chugach Plan could affect Chugiak-Eagle River

News - Case dismissed against suspected church embezzler

News - Eagle River cooking fan is cream of the crop

News - Plan calls for improved access to Chugach Park

Offbeat - Crook stuffed 75 bottles of lotion in pants

Offbeat - Police nab suspected shoe thief

Offbeat - Father arrested after he ordered kids to bite officers

Offbeat - Man claims deputies beat him for burping

Offbeat - Ohio strip club hosts 'Lap dances for Haiti'

Offbeat - Man steals ambulance with patient inside

Offbeat - Thieves swipe Twinkies, leave tracks in snow

Offbeat - Dog, man's best friend, shoots owner in the back

Opinion - We need to take a break

Schools - Suspensions at Eagle River High not so problematic

Schools - Hope for Haiti

Schools - Eagle River's got talent

Sports - Eagle River boys bowling team finishes season in third, girls, fourth

Sports - Chugiak's hockey season closes with loss to East

Sports - Chugiak boys basketball team enjoys 6-game winning streak

Sports - Eagle River girls learning hard basketball lessons

Sports - Lady Mustangs hammered with five hoops games in a row

Sports - Eagle River boys sandwich win between losses

Sports - Middle School ski racing shifts to faster gears

Feb - 18 - 2010

Obits - Sparks, 81, archpriest at St. John Orthodox Cathedral

Obits - Day, 29, was actively involved in the community

Obits - Flynn, 41, a great storyteller with a boisterous laugh

People - Applause

People - Engagement: Gneiting-Thompson

People - Huston-Anderson

Spotlight - Joel Cage

Copscourts - Fundraiser to benefit crime fighting

Copscourts - Shopper took order to go without payment

Copscourts - Road rage with a weapon

Copscourts - Police called to settle family dispute, assault

Copscourts - Erratic driving leads to felony DUI arrest

Copscourts - Blood alcohol was three times legal limit

Copscourts - Police Blotter: February 18, 2010

Letters - Iowa student wants to know all about we Alaskans

Letters - Indiana wants to hear from us, too

Letters - People Mover could be saved if we all pitch in

Military - A lot of moving parts

News - South Fork avalanche a warning of dangers

News - Alternatives considered for future of Beach Lake

News - No injuries in South Fork area house fire

News - Community shares its concerns with legislators

News - Local woman experiences Haiti devastation

News - All that jazz pays off

News - Quartet of local entrants prepare for 2010 Iron Dog race

Opinion - This village protects its kids

Schools - School board OKs $789 million budget

Schools - Locals help lift UAA debate team to top rankings in the world

Schools - Building the brain, one fun activity at a time

Sports - Persistent Gruening grapplers going strong

Sports - Mirror Lake wrestlers the team to beat

Sports - Local players contribute to girls hockey tournament win

Sports - Chugiak boys hoops suffer 3 losses to end win streak

Sports - Chugiak girls basketball team takes hit in conference standings

Sports - Home-field advantage helps McPhetres push for win

Sports - Mixed relay ski meet offers mid-season levity

Obits - Sparks, 81, archpriest at St. John Orthodox Cathedral

Obits - Day, 29, was actively involved in the community

Obits - Flynn, 41, a great storyteller with a boisterous laugh

People - Applause

People - Engagement: Gneiting-Thompson

People - Huston-Anderson

Spotlight - Joel Cage

Feb - 25 - 2010

Obits - Fowler, 90, was former VFW Post 9785 Commander

Obits - Wolford, 91, settled in Eagle River in 1947



People - Military Honors

Spotlight - Bill Paulson

Briefs - Fairclough calls for funding for statehood, ANSCA survey

Briefs - Stoltze pushes resolution calling for end of I/M testing

Briefs - Hawker sponsors bill to change concealed hand gun laws

Copscourts - Police Blotter: Feb. 26, 201

Copscourts - Parents report son to police for possible theft

Copscourts - Blood alcohol clean, DWI arrest still made

Copscourts - Parked on the roadside equals DWI arrest

Copscourts - Motel owner didn't welcome this guest

Copscourts - Routine traffic stop results in DWI arrest

Letters - Avalanche survivor thanks those who helped

Letters - Gruening students want community input on sexual abuse

Military - Alaska Air Guard members tackle work in Puerto Rico

News - Police nab midday robber

News - Two challenge Ossiander for Assembly seat

News - Four bond measures up for voter consideration

News - Eagle River's leading ladies

Opinion - Editorial

Schools - Down to the wire

Schools - 7 hopefuls line up for seats on School Board

Schools - Chugiak principal receives 'Dare to Care' honor

Sports - Middle School ski season closes with strong performances

Sports - Alaska's own Olympics

Sports - McPhetres earns skimeister for second straight year

Sports - Mustang boys win local rivalry, but lose to East in OT

Sports - Eagle River boys struggle in hoops action

Sports - Chugiak, Eagle River girls ready for end-of-season blur

Sports - Mirror Lake contends for city champ bragging rights

Sports - If measured by attitude, girls were undefeated

Mar - 04 - 2010

People - Achievements

People - Applause

People - Births

People - Military Honors

Spotlight - Spot light: Kyle J. Brutsche

Briefs - Assembly approves local road board budget

Briefs - Fort Richardson doing controlled burns

Copscourts - Pistol found by Chugiak resident

Copscourts - Vehicle assaulted with a ski pole

Copscourts - Driver with heroin arrested

Copscourts - Man arrested for indecent exposure

Copscourts - Chugiak High student arrested for selling stolen pills

Copscourts - APD makes three DWI arrests in 1 night

Copscourts - Police Blotter: March 4 2010

Letters - Support local business in time of need

Letters - Girl Scouts experienced different cultures

Military - A lot can happen in a year

News - What do you mean, hockey season's over?

News - Local boy Chris Olds wins Iron Dog sled race

News - New ladder truck will replace one lost in fire

News - Can-do attitude

Offbeat - First came love, then came marriage, then came domestic violence

Opinion - As spring break nears, how about we hit the 'off' button?

Schools - Alpenglow kids aim high at Native Youth Olympics

Schools - Chugiak Elementary students chosen for art show

Schools - Birchwood ABC holds open house

Schools - Make some music this month

Schools - Iditarod, imagined

Sports - Chugiak hoops teams go into conference tourney in 3rd

Sports - Grace under pressure

Sports - Senior Night fails to yield wins for Wolves basketball

Sports - Wrestlers leave it on the mat at championships

Sports - Eagle River bowlers bring home the goods

Mar - 11 - 2010

Obits - Memorial for Elizabeth "Betty" Wolford

People - Accomplishments

People - Applause

Spotlight - Janna Shaw

Briefs - Chamber, Foundation present teacher of the year awards

Briefs - Sen. Begich seeks summer interns in D.C. and Alaska

Briefs - Scholarships available

Military - Soldier gets a lift home

News - Workers' compensation bills moving in state House

News - Chugiak fire department called out

News - Ketchikan teen making his mark in world of watercraft

Offbeat - Man arrested for wearing clown mask, wig

Offbeat - Robin Hood charged with identity theft

Offbeat - Man finds stolen iPhone through GPS

Offbeat - Man arrested for arson after bragging about blaze

Offbeat - Woman shoots at hubby over tax return cash

Offbeat - Black market polka videos land man in jail

Opinion - Traffic study helpful, but be thankful we live where we do

Opinion - Analysis: Understanding why public has a lack of faith in institutions

Schools - Iditarod musher, Coast Guard team up for kids

Sports - Chugiak boys shown first-round exit from CIC tournament

Sports - Eagle River boys hoop squad runs into first-round juggernaut

Sports - Eagle River girls basketball lose to top-ranked Dimond

Sports - Eagle River High eager for Spring sports, hopeful in girls soccer

Sports - Chugiak girls go to state

Sports - 2005 CHS grad Griffin continues to amaze, scores 36 for Lady 'Huskers

Sports - 2009 Mustang grad Ethan Hewitt breaks conference record, provisional qualifier

Mar - 15 - 2010

News - Longtime Chugiak resident dies in light sport aircraft crash

Mar - 16 - 2010

Sports - Chugiak girls fall to Dimond

Mar - 18 - 2010

Obits - Mark J. Kelliher

Obits - Herbert P. Simon


People - Births

People - Military Honors

Spotlight - Larry E. Ward

Letters - Community rallied around this buinesswoman

Military - Helping soldiers cope with combat exposure

News - Bennett remembered for his flying skills

News - Natural gas tax may be pivotal issue in closing weeks of legislative session

News - Eagle River couple goes green for a good cause

Opinion - Opinion: Daylight saving time: The joke's on Alaska

Schools - Chugiak choir takes their tunes to China

Schools - Eagle Academy: 5 years and thriving

Sports - Chugiak spring sports season swings into action

Sports - Eagle River girls' soccer players host camp for children

Sports - Eagle River girls' soccer players host camp for children

Sports - Sports Briefs

Sports - Team Alaska commands ulu count at Arctic Winter Games

Sports - Chugiak High School cheer team brings home awards from state

Sports - Final tipoff

Sports - Priorities for Beach Lake plan unveiled

Mar - 25 - 2010

Obits - Guy Thomas Barton

Obits - The kids' favorite teacher

Obits - Weitzel enjoyed familie barbecues and bonfires


People - Military Honors

Spotlight - Kelsey Johnson

Briefs - Briefs: March 24, 2010

Copscourts - Police Blotter: March 25, 2009

Military - Boston bound: National Guardsman raises money by running

Military - Welcome home, soldiers of the 4-25

News - Homestead mourns 'Mr. B'

News - Marking the century with friends

News - Park beckons, avalanche threatens

News - Snow Angel' filming under way in Eagle River

Opinion - Opinion: Night walk a good perspective from which to see Eagle River

Opinion - With higher population, we'll have more than roads to worry about

Schools - Cream of the class receive nod from Chamber, Foundation

Schools - The great debaters

Sports - Batting cage boosts Eagle River High's baseball program

Sports - Chugach Eagles Invitational a hit with nearly 600 athletes

Sports - Eagle River boys soccer program loaded with numbers

Sports - Eagle River picks varsity, shows pitching promise

Sports - Local high school runners join masses in pre-season meet

Sports - Sports Shorts

Mar - 30 - 2010

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Mar - 31 - 2010

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Breaking News - html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> Final constituent teleconference of the year set for Thursday

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Alaska Star - News

Final constituent teleconference of the year set for Thursday

Staff Report

A photo Caption

A photo Credit

With the 2010 legislative session set to adjourn April 18, area legislators are hoping to hear from constituents about the important issues under consideration in Juneau.

The public is invited to join Sen. Gary Stevens and Reps. Alan Austerman of Kodiak and Paul Seaton of Homer for their final constituent teleconference of the year on Thursday, April 1, from 6 to 7 p.m.

Homer area residents can participate at the Homer Legislative Information Office, 345 W. Sterling Highway, Suite 102A.

Kodiak area residents can participate at the Kodiak Legislative Information Office, 305 Center Ave., Suite 1.

Seward area residents can participate at the Seward Legislative Information Office, 302 Railway Ave., Suite 107.

If you are unable to make it to the legislative information office in your community, contact Sen. Stevens' office at 1-800-821-4925 for details on alternative ways to participate in the teleconference.

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Ryan Long Ski to Sea

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Breaking News - html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> Many Homer-area businesses looking to buck state trends

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Alaska Star - News

Many Homer-area businesses looking to buck state trends

Staff Report

A short Caption A Photo Credit

Like many charter operators, Paul Brand of Paul Brand's Alaska Safari Unlimited was making minor repairs and outfitting his boat on a bright and sunny March 26 for the upcoming tourist season, a season that looks — by most accounts — a whole lot like 2009. Interviews with industry officials, charter captains and lodging owners suggest both good news and bad news. The good news is that tourism looks like it will be up in 2010, said James Brown, the communications manager with the Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council. The bad news is that the bump is shaping up to be just a marginal improvement over 2009, with some businesses saying 2010 might even be down slightly from 2009. Paul Dauphinais, executive director of the Homer Chamber of Commerce, agrees in part, pointing out that the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is one event that should give a boost to the local tourism economy. Dauphinais said that most combination businesses — those that offer both fishing charters and lodging or other similar models — are actually looking forward to a strong 2010 season, with most customers booking in advance and several parties coming in. He said interest based on Web views is building. "They're coming from a variety of places, but primarily from in state. I think what we were doing last year with advertising is really starting to take hold," said Dauphinais. Dauphinais said the strong showing at this year's Winter King Salmon Tournament on March 20, with the second highest numbers on record, has been encouraging. "I'm optimistic for this year, but guardedly so," he said. The upcoming Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge could give Homer a much-needed boost in June, which last year was perhaps the slowest month of the season. An increase in cruise ship activity in Homer may mean a marginal boost in sales. (See story, page 1.) "The stop here is a short one," said Dauphinais of cruise ship dockings. "Those folks are not going to be impacting accommodations, may be impacting restaurants, but they will be shopping, though it's hard to predict how much they will spend or where." But the news is not good across the board. Some Homer businesses, such as Good Time Charters, which focuses solely on fishing, have seen bookings go down this year, and whether the last-minute, in-state tourists can make up for that remains unclear. Jeff Cundiff with Good Time Charters says that so far things are looking worse than last year, in part due to the cost of getting to Homer in the first place. "I had one person from a group that has been coming every year for almost eight years say that they weren't going to be able to make it up here because they weren't able to get any breaks with airline prices. They did say that they'd try again next year," said Cundiff. Bob Ward of A-Ward Charters and secretary of the Homer Charter Association said this year's bookings are down a little less than in 2009. "I expect this year to be a little less than last year," Ward said. "It's not there yet as compared to last year." Clients who are booking are planning shorter visits and not fishing as much. Ward hasn't raised his 2009 price of $300 per person for a full-day trip. He said a Web presence he started in 1990 has helped him get and keep customers. "I'm kind of the old guy on the Internet, but it's made my business," Ward said. A change in sport halibut charter regulations that start in 2011 won't impact Homer charter captains much this summer. Under limited entry permit regulations put in place this year by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, next year, charter operations in areas 2C, Southeast, and 3A, Southcentral, must have a charter halibut permit. Some charter captains won't qualify for permits. Greg Sutter, owner of Capt. Greg's Charters in Homer and president of the Alaska Charter Association, said those captains will hang in there one last year. "I imagine a lot of these guys are heavily invested," Sutter said. "They'll try to squeeze out what business they can." "They're saying, instead of fighting it, they're going to drop out of the industry," Ward said. At Goofy Moose Log Cabins and Charters, Rick Zielinski says the story is the same: Longtime customers are having trouble justifying the trip. "I would say that the lodging is about the same and charters are down. People are just saying that they don't have the money this year. Most of them are longtime customers that have stayed with us and fished with us for a long time," said Zielinski. Zielinksi pointed out that many of the customers that won't be coming to Homer this year are either holding onto that expendable income, or are taking a lot more time shopping around for the best deal. At Land's End Resort the outlook is bright. General Manager Patrick Cashman looks forward to 2010 to bring in the same numbers as 2009. "With the shift in the economy there has been a trend more to travel in state. Our marketing strategy targeted that same customer and that buying strategy this year, and we hope to do pretty well there while travelers from the Lower 48 are still kind of up in the air," said Cashman. Cashman said that he had noticed the same trend of last-minute bookings that many other charter and accommodation businesses in Homer have found. "Before 2009, bookings usually fell somewhere between 60-90 days in advance. Now that we're focused more on in-state travelers we see bookings coming in more often 30 days or less in advance," said Cashman. Ward said he saw a similar pattern last summer for halibut fishermen. Many 2009 bookings were a few days in advance. "The Alaskans decided at the last minute to come fish with us," Ward said. Husband and wife duo Bill and Dorothy Fry own Bear Creek Winery and Lodging. The outlook is a little different this year, not just in numbers, but in the booking habits of the clientele. "Last year people were booking more at the last minute. We didn't see like years past where people were booking well in advance. This year I'd say we are seeing more bookings that are further out. We don't see as many bookings yet as past seasons, but it's still early," said Dorothy Fry. Fry says that a lot of the last-minute booking was done by individuals and families waiting to see just how hard the economic crunch would hit before making travel plans. But, even if the bookings stay the same or increase marginally, Bear Creek Winery and Lodging has grown as a business over the previous year and an increased presence could contribute to better numbers. "We are doing very well. This is the first year we've been open seven days a week all winter and had five or six employees on payroll," said Dorothy Fry. Jess Tenhoff of Nomad Shelters, which operates yurt rentals across Kachemak Bay, said that bookings are down, but last-minute bookings still have a role to play, particularly when clients come from in state and can easily pack up, drive down and spend a weekend in the Kachemak Bay State Park. "It's hard in Alaska to book ahead because of the weather. There are a lot of last-minute bookings, like people in Anchorage that say 'hey it's a great weekend, let's head down to Homer,'" said Tenhoff. Advance bookings are down slightly over last year, said Tenhoff, but that doesn't get her spirits down. "They're down just a little bit, but I'm not so certain that's a bad thing, but it will make a great experience for the people that do come. It will be quiet and not as impacted and it'll be a nice summer for everyone. It's no catastrophe," she said.

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Caption Credit

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Apr - 01 - 2010

People - Achievements

People - Births

People - Militarty Honors

Spotlight - Andrea Foster

Briefs - Fairclough's suicide prevention bill passes

Briefs - House approves tax exemption for volunteer sports officials

Briefs - House acts to modernize state procurement code

Briefs - Fairclough introduces sexual assault awareness month resolution

Briefs - City taking comment on I/M removal

Briefs - Walmart Foundation award funds new wheels for Meals on Wheels

Briefs - Legislation would help military families move

Copscourts - Police Blotter: April 1, 2010

Copscourts - Road rager breaks window

Copscourts - Duo of DWIs keep police busy

Copscourts - Police investigate burglary at SBS

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Military - Legislature passes resolution on School Nutrition program for military families

Military - House OKs military child custody bill

Military - House Rules Committee introduces 'Honor and Remember' flag

Military - Subduing suicide

News - Eklutna stash ranges from cars to kitsch

News - Old letters bring Good Friday quake memories to life

News - Running redefined

News - Samuels campaign camper stops in Eagle River

News - Boys and Girls Club kids help prepare for Easter egg hunt

News - Quick-thinking neighbor rescues family beagle from fire

Opinion - Conscious choices lead to stress-free local life

Opinion - Reminder: Get out and vote on Tuesday

Opinion - Opinion: Partner with Anchorage First? Are you serious?

Schools - Seven vie for two Anchorage School Board seats

Schools - German exchange kicks off Alaska style

Sports - Chugiak girls soccer team falls to South in opening game

Sports - Chugiak boys soccer team opens season in scoreless play against South

Sports - Chugiak baseball names varsity roster

Sports - Eagle River announces baseball varsity, JV rosters

Sports - Mirror Lake track participation reaches whopping 152 athletes

Sports - Eagle River soccer team dominates in win over Bartlett

Sports - Track season kicks off at the Dome

Sports - Eagle River opens boys soccer campaign with a 1-1 tie

Sports - Winczura named all-conference gymnast

Sports - Cherry sets High Point record in Stanford 10,000m

Sports - Coach Mac hockey tourney begins Wednesday

Sports - Sullivan brothers place in national wrestling event

Sports - Chugiak sophomores pair up for handball wins

Apr - 08 - 2010

People - Births


People - Military Honors

People - Jones-Arias

Letters - N.H. student wants Alaska wolf information

Military - Military Order of the Cootie is 'itching' to help out

News - Horse-drawn carriage demolished by pickup

News - Little team that could' beat odds at Mac Attack tournament

News - Ossiander sweeps third term

News - Walker shares his vision for AK gasline

News - Is a quaint downtown in Eagle River's future?

Opinion - Municipal elections yield no surprises for Chugiak-Eagle River

Schools - Senatorial scoop

Sports - Eagle River soccer teams fall to South at Dome games

Sports - Chugiak soccer teams post wins over Bartlett

Sports - Chugiak softball team scrimmages Service, Dimond

Sports - The sisters of soccer

Sports - One-day affair a foreshadowing of mega 'Big C' meet

Apr - 12 - 2010

Breaking News - html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> 950-plus athletes put the 'big' into Big C Relays

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950-plus athletes put the 'big' into Big C Relays


For the Star

An Eagle River High runner takes the baton during the Big C Relays at the Anchorage Sports Dome Saturday.


The Anchorage Sports Dome looked like a refugee camp with tarps, inflated air mattresses, blankets, pillows and pup tents belonging to more than 950 athletes on nearly half of the 120-yard infield of the Dome Friday and Saturday.

Dozens of track and field events were held, along with some novel ones, with preliminaries, semifinal and championship heats in many of them, making for very long days, said Eagle River High track coach Matt Turner.

"I'd say that from bus (trip in) to bus (trip out), it was 13 hours on Friday," Turner said. Things were somewhat streamlined Saturday, going only 10 hours.

Due to the broad range of teams – with squads representing regions II-VI in Alaska and Nevada Union, of California, every event included multiple dozens of entries, even with the two-athlete-per-school limit.

In-state teams included Cantwell, Cook Inlet Academy, Heritage Christian, Lumen Christi, Ninilchik, Seldovia, Su Valley, Anchorage Christian, Colony, Grace Christian, Houston, Kenai, Kodiak, Nikiski, Palmer, Seward, Skyview, Soldotna, Wasilla, Bartlett, Chugiak, Dimond, Eagle River, East Anchorage, Service, South Anchorage, West Anchorage, Juneau-Douglas, Eielson, Delta Junction, Monroe Catholic, North Pole and West Valley.

Some Anchorage schools, like Bartlett and Service, entered multiple teams, which led meet organizers to forego the formality and complexity of team scoring, Turner said.

Turner said the Wolves were led by juniors John Owolabi and Clarence Summers, and sophomore Jackie Klecka.

Owolabi, one of 12 runners in the open 400 meter, finished fourth in the finals, with a time of 51.71 seconds – more than a second faster than his previous school record, set April 3. He also had a sub-52 second split during the team's distance medley, running another 400-meter segment as the third- of four relay legs.

Turner said that Summers had an admirable finish during the 300-meter hurdles as part of the pentathlon, the meet's other invited event for high- schoolers.

After falling after clipping the first of 10 hurdles, Summers got back up and sprinted back into competition, finishing fourth overall. After carrying a second-place showing after three events on Friday, the junior finished fourth, among six, in the pentathlon.

"I can't say that I really understand the scoring of the pentathlon," said Turner, as a couple high-ranking finishes actually dropped his athlete's standings among the masses.

Sophomore Jackie Klecka placed seventh overall in the 100-meter hurdles, narrowly missing the select six in the finals. Her preliminary time of 17.25 seconds was better than a couple of those who advanced into the final heat, Turner said.

The coach said he was very pleased with the performances of some of his younger athletes.‚ä®"We really do have a young team this year – I don't have a single senior girl on the squad," he said.

Freshman distance runner Brandon King gave a jaw-dropping performance early Friday, then volunteered for the boys' 100-meter preliminaries the next day.

He ran the heat, without starting blocks, and clocked a time of 12.59 seconds – a very respectable time for a distance runner, Turner said.

Chugiak coach Jon Schroeder said that two of the better performances turned in by his team came from freshmen Sam Hartke and Mackenzie Matthis.

Hartke provided an inspired third leg of the 4-by-800-meter relay team, helping the Mustangs to a fifth-place finish. Other team members included junior Rachel Fore and seniors Kaeli Stangl and Katie Lange.

Matthis was one of two Chugiak sprinters joining junior Kendra Harter, in the 100-meter semifinals, with times of 13.71 and 13.91, respectively, missing out on the finals.

Junior Ben Morse was the only sprinter to advance on the boys' side, finishing with an 11.98, in the 100 meter.

Schroeder also noted the fourth-place finish of the boys' sprint medley team of Morse, Jeremy Sobocinski, Kevin Greco and Ben Perrell.

"All in all, I believe everyone has been improving with their times and distances over (last) week," Schroeder said.

"That's what we've been preaching all along – hard work and determination – and we're seeing the effects," he said.

Reach the reporter at

Big C Relays

Fri-Sat., April 9-10

The Anchorage Sports Dome

No team scores posted

Events (top finisher, other Eagle River, Chugiak only)


100m – 1) Cyrus Chenault, Ba, 11.36; others - Clarence Summers, ER, 11.88; Ben Morse, Ch, 11.98; Jeremy Sobocinski, Ch, 12.50; Brandon King, ER, 12.59; Garrison Theroux, ER, 14.28.

400m – 1) J.J. Jack-Nixon, Di, 50.63; 4) John Owolabi, ER, 51.71.

800m – 1) Hans Roelle, We, 2:00.79; 10) Chris Kveseth, Ch, 2:09.63; Forest Fisher, ER, 2:25.80; Teag Vest, Ch, 2:39.32.

3,200m – 1) Jacob Kirk, Gr, 9:16.40; Forest Fisher, ER, 11:53.01; Evan Fisher, ER, 13:11.69.

110m hurdles – 1) Elliott Bauer, So, 15.79; Sam Brownlee, Ch, 19.67; Ryan Howard, ER, 19.71.

300m hurdles – 1) Karsten Schick, Kod, 42.41; Clarence Summers, ER, 47.44; Sam Brownlee, Ch, 48.64; Ryan Howard, ER, 49.29.

400m relay – 1) Palmer (Forkner, Clement, McCall, Scoresby) 45.09; Eagle River (Smith, Thompson, Ryckman, Losciuto) 52.36.

1,600m relay – 1) Service (Manikunian, Talbot, Lane, Goodman) 3:29.98; Eagle River (Howard, Norgaard, King, Owolabi) 3:42.28; Chugiak (Greco, Kveseth, Keith, Perrell) 3:48.26.

3,200m relay – 1) Service (Mamikunian, Talbot, Walgren, Lane) 7:58.08; Eagle River (King, Norgaard, Sheets, E. Fisher) 9:48.32.

Sprint medley (100, 100, 200, 400) – 1) East (Lopez, Nichols, Canaday, Holley) 1:37.99; 4) Chugiak (Sobosincki, Greco, Morse, Perrell) 1:43.28; Eagle River (Spiller, Fox, King, Smith) 1:51.88.

Distance medley (200, 200, 400, 800) – 1) East (Lopez, Nichols, Cox, DeBrill) 3:47.18; Chugiak (Sobocinski, Morse, Greco, Kveseth) 4:00.66; Eagle River (Madubuko, Fox, Howard, Owolabi) 4:03.42.

Shot put – 1) Chavous Levao, Ba, 49-02.0; Austin Thompson, ER, 27-04.0; Clarence Summers, ER, 27-00.5; Joseph Loscuito, ER, 26-00.5; Philip Lambert, Ch, 25-01.75.

Discus – 1) Mitchell Swensen, Di, 153-05; Austin Thompson, ER, 101-09; Jeremy Sobocinski, Ch, 96-09; Cameron Ryckman, ER, 72-05.

High jump – 1) Tyler Spalding, Ke, 6-03; Clarence Summers, ER, 5-08; John Owolabi, ER, 5-06.

Long jump -1) James McCall, Pal, 20-04.0; Matthew Keith, Ch, 17-08.5; Ben Perrell, Ch, 16-04.25; Ryan Howard, ER, 13-06.0.

Pentathlon – 1) Karsten Schick, Kod, 3,480 points; 4) Clarence Summers, ER, 2,999.


100m – 1) Jessica Tillmon, Ba, 12.83; Mackenzie Matthis, Ch, 13.71; Kendra Harter, Ch, 13.91; Jackie Klecka, ER, 14.31; Brittany Dale, ER, 14.80.

400m -1) Lierin Flanagan, Ken, 57.19; Victoria Houser, Ch, 1:04.44.

800m – 1) Ivy O'Guinn, Sky, 2:19.82; Hayley Patin, ER, 2:42.81; Jocelyn Murchie, ER, 2:47.16; Hilary Butler, Ch, 2:55.12; Lydia Weiss, Ch, 3:20.08.

3,200m – 1) Ivy O'Guinn, Sky, 11:23.40; Katie Lange, Ch, 12:21.49; Hayley Patin, ER, 13:11.42; Jocelyn Murchie, ER, 13;37.81.

100m hurdles – 1) Keiahnna Engel, Di, 15.68; Jackie Klecka, ER, 17.25; Malea McGimsey, Ch, 19.09; Kierra Forbush, Ch, 20.21; Heather Holmquest, ER, 20.88.

300m hurdles – 1) Emily Sharp, Jun, 46.84; Rachel Fore, Ch, 52.31, Jackie Klecka, ER, 52.60; Kassy Matotte, Ch, 58.81.

400m relay – 1) Bartlett (Tillmon, Young, Walker, Little) 50.91; Eagle River (Evenstad, Randall, Holmquest, Dale) 1:00.02; Chugiak (Thomas, James, Darden, Huffman) 1:00.44.

1,600m relay – 1) Kenai (Sandahl, DeVito, Beeson, Flanagan) 4:05.92; Eagle River (Carroll, Murchie, Brown, Warners) 4:51.58; Chugiak (McGimsey, Butler, Bensel, Forbush) 4:53.02.

3,200m relay – 1) South (Kaser, Culver, Kirk, Minge) 10:05.54; 5) Chugiak (Fore, Stangl, S. Hartke, Lange) 10:43.00.

Sprint Medley (100, 100, 200, 400m) – 1) Kenai (Hull, DeVito, Beeson, Flanagan) 1:53.74; Chugiak (Collins, Matotte, Wright, Stangl) 2:11.10; Eagle River (Byman, Dale, Morthorpe, Evenstad) 2:13.47.

Distance Medley (200, 200, 400, 800m) – 1) Wasilla (Harris, Schleich, Clump, Dampier) 4:20.19; 6) Chugiak (Harter, Matthis, Houser, Fore) 4:49.13; Eagle River (Dale, Warners, Brown, Patin) 4:55.89.

Shot put – 1) Shellina Irwin, Col, 35-05.5; Heidi O'Hara, Ch, 25-09.0; Victoria Bensel, Ch, 20-09.0; Alyssa Randall, ER, 20-03.75.

Discus – 1) Cheyenne Toney, Nev, 101-08; Kristy Howard, Ch, 85-08; Malia McVee, Ch, 77-02; Alyssa Randall, ER, 47-05.

High jump – 1) Veronika Kudinova, Ser, 4-10.0; 5) Scout Warners, ER, 4-06.0.

Long jump – 1) Rosie Smith, Bar, 15-03.0; Alex Collins, Ch, 14-02.0; Heather Holmquest, ER, 11-03.0; Yuliya Pakhomova, Ch, 9-11.0.

Apr - 15 - 2010


Briefs - Samuels to speak at Pancakes & Politics event

Briefs - MEA right of way topic of Chamber luncheon

Briefs - Navy League benefit dinner set for April 24

Briefs - Air Patrol hosts 'Chili for Chile Cookout'

Briefs - Fairclough revamps Children's Trust in bill

Copscourts - Police Blotter: April 15, 2010

Copscourts - Several arrested for driving while intoxicated

Letters - Volunteerism is alive and well in Chugiak-Eagle River

Letters - Time to create independent borough in Susitna Valley

Letters - Sustainable Energy Act to be commended

Military - Town hall meetings set to discuss veterans' issues

Military - Military Honors: April 15, 2010

News - Local mom creates 'community' for disabled participants

News - Two vie for local MEA seat

News - Beach Lake Park plan gets OK from board of supervisors

News - The blossom posse

Opinion - Many didn't get the U.S. Census memo about post-office boxes

Opinion - Local traffic challenges the 'patience' gene

Schools - Gruening Middle School holds roundup for students

Schools - Chugiak Mustangs annual talent show's coming

Schools - High schools team up for tile-art unveiling

Schools - House supports Alaska-grown option in schools

Schools - The higher the gross factor, the more the fun

Sports - Local Little League holds baseball, softball evaluations

Sports - Early Dimond goals trip up Mustangs boys soccer team

Sports - Mustangs girls fall 1-0 to Dimond Lady Lynx

Sports - Junior Mac Cup displays chips off the hockey block

Sports - Full house of athletes puts the 'big' into Big C Relays

Sports - Kelsey Griffin selected as No. 3 in the WNBA draft

Sports - Chugiak High grad Cherry sets track record, named Athlete of the Week

Sports - Late spring conditions trash high school soccer schedule

Sports - Softball, baseball wait out spring thaw, too

Sports - AK All-Stars go 0-3 at Nation U18 Tier I Hockey tourney

Apr - 20 - 2010

News - Alaska joins 19 states suing federal government over health insurance reform

Apr - 21 - 2010

Obits - Richard Allen "Dick" Martin, Sr.


Spotlight - Barbara Sanders

Briefs - Gruening Middle School holds roundup for incoming students

Briefs - Navy League benefit dinner set for Saturday

Letters - Klecka sisters have bright future

Military - Operation Arctic Care aids villagers, trains military

News - Supreme Court denies Yosemite Drive appeal

News - Brutal robbery remains unsolved

News - Focused and fierce

News - Poinsettia takes on a life of its own in Eagle River home

News - LifeAlaska, students team up to send organ-donor message

Opinion - The kindness of this community is its biggest strength of all

Opinion - South-facing slopes offer earliest chance for reaching the heights

Schools - Guardsmen share program on choices with Chugiak students

Schools - Bloomin' good talent

Sports - Gruening has strong showing at first track meet of the season

Sports - Middle school track season gets under way at the Dome

Sports - Eagle River girls get booted by Service; Chugiak gets a bye

Sports - New chapter added to familiar drama as Chugiak boys defeat Eagle River with second-half soccer effort

Sports - Two-day meet brings out best in local high school runners

Sports - Winczura named first-team all-American at gymnastics event

Sports - Chugiak High to host SpeedQuest program

Sports - Eagle River's Pokorny, Farner, win trapshoot event at Birchwood

Sports - Topf named to All-State honorable mention list

Sports - Baseball opening ceremonies are April 30

Apr - 28 - 2010

Obits - Ernest T. Kandas

Obits - William (Will) Frederick Railing

Obits - Irene I. Schroeder

Spotlight - Sven Maakestad

Copscourts - Police Blotter; April 29, 2010

Copscourts - Mirror Lake vandals arrested for spray painting

Copscourts - Astute restaurant workers, erratic driving net DWIs

Copscourts - Thief chairless once again

Copscourts - Traffic stop yields pot bust

Copscourts - Coast Guard auxiliary offers vessel safety checks

Letters - Now's the time to say 'thanks' to those hard-working teachers

Military - Elmendorf wins top prize for Air Force installation

News - The morning mountain men

News - Little soldiers

News - Honk if you like community theater

News - Glines retains seat on MEA board of directors

Opinion - Spring: Losing the love when hitting the pavement

Opinion - Census insanity

Opinion - Shine on, Shawn

Opinion - Talkin' trash is a rite of spring

Sports - Eagle River soccer teams have winless trip to Juneau

Sports - No slip-ups for these Native youth

Sports - Chugiak boys soccer team claims second in CIC standings

Sports - Outrunning winter

Sports - Gruening track team captures second in 3-team meet

Sports - Outdoor play has mixed results for Chugiak girls soccer team

Sports - Knik Little League hosts field cleanup Saturday

May - 06 - 2010

Obits - Gary Wayne Rogers

Obits - Ethel "Mary" Tucker

People - Births: May 6, 2010

People - Wedding:Dykema-Gilbeau

Copscourts - Police Blotter: May 6, 2010

Copscourts - Dude, where's my dope?

Copscourts - Two break-ins, one nets stolen goods

Copscourts - Man with child passenger arrested for reckless driving

Copscourts - Two drunk-driving arrests

Breaking News - html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> Eagle River school fundraiser a scam

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Alaska Star - News

Eagle River school fundraiser a scam

Alaska Star staff

Anchorage police are warning local residents of a potential school-fundraising scam. The department has received complaints of a female adult with blond hair, accompanied by a child of mixed race, who is approaching residents and soliciting for a "school fundraiser" in the Eagle River area, according to a press release sent out by the department on Wednesday.

School Resource Officer Cody Musgrave, who is based at Chugiak High School, researched the complaints, said police spokesman Lt. Dave Parker, and found that there are no such schoolwide fundraisers currently going on in the area.

Officer Musgrave on Thursday said they do have a suspect.

"We've already talked to the person suspected of this and we're expecting it to stop," Musgrave said. "Typically, what we were looking as is almost always donations under $10 but it adds up to hundreds of dollars."

The incidents were not isolated to one specific school, Musgrave added, and while the solicitations were taking place in the Eagle River "bowl," he said anyone in the Chugiak area who may have been approached should also contact police.

Musgrave the name of the suspect has not been released yet, and the investigation continues.

Meanwhile, anyone approached by a woman matching the description should immediately call Crimestoppers at 561-7867. Musgrave said he did not want schools to be inundated with calls because tracking every donation would be cumbersome.

"We don't have any concerns for anyone who wrote a check or money order," Musgrave said. The time frame for the solicitations, he said, is between April 1 and May 5.

"We do have a list of potential victims identified, so you could call and give your name to Crimestoppers to see if you're on that list," Musgrave said.

Crimestoppers: 561-7867

Military - Military News:

Military - Coast Guard mom balances job, parenting, husband away

Military - National Guard has vital role in military history

News - A job is not just about money

News - Poe visits Eagle River to share vision as Alaska's governor

News - Masonic Lodge celebrates its 25th anniversary

News - Caribbean dreams

News - Bright blooms accentuate the season

News - MOMS group does more than parent

Opinion - A happy nod to all you mothers out there

Opinion - Alaska Congressional delegation shares opinion on ANWR plans

Opinion - Outdoor adventurers leave legacy of experiences and memories

Schools - Eagle River girls varsity soccer team unbeaten in three games

Schools - Bike for Women brings all ages, abilities of athletes

Schools - Chugiak High softball program races to unbeaten start

Schools - Students take top honors at Florida music competition

Sports - Young players boost Chugiak girls soccer team play

Sports - Gruening track team wins handily in three-way meet

Sports - Chugiak High boys soccer team tops Bartlett, ties Juneau

Sports - Mirror Lake shatters scoring ceiling at meet with Hanshew

Sports - Eagle River track team suffers vandalism, foul weather

Sports - Chugiak track team contends with the masses in Palmer

Sports - Eagle River boys takes lumps with losses, 1 tie

Sports - Eagle River sends five players on to college football teams

May - 13 - 2010

Obits - Howard K. Branstetter

Obits - Bernard "Bernie" Dwain Stewart

People - Achievments

People - Births

People - Military Honors

People - Weddings

Briefs - Balloon behind outage

Briefs - Library offers DVD for adult stuttering

Briefs - Chamber hosts presentation on transportation study

Copscourts - Police Blotter: May 13, 2010

Copscourts - Chugiak woman arrested for DWI

Copscourts - Impreza hosed

Copscourts - Ice turns out to be Gruening vandal

Letters - Owners seeking beloved dogs

Letters - Spring Cleanup a great success

Letters - Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce Mirror Lake band says thank you

Military - New VA outpatient clinic opens in Anchorage

News - Fire destroys Peters Creek home

News - National study eyes Eklutna economics

News - Police warn residents of Eagle River area school fundraiser scam

News - Private Valley company brings bus back to Eagle River

News - Dahlstrom steps down

News - A few simple steps can improve gardening in the shade

Opinion - Street sweepers revealed ugly problem on roads and trails

Opinion - Eagle and Symphony lakes is great hiking

Schools - Class of 2010 Graduation List

Schools - 2010 Valedictorians

Sports - High School baseball hits full speed with games, graduation

Sports - Rule says Knik Little League needs adult umpires

Sports - Chugiak High softball team unbeaten through 10 games, Eagle River Wolves still looking for first win

Sports - Knik Little League swings into play

Sports - Chugiak track and field team posts many personal bests

Sports - Mixed-bag week for Chugiak High boys soccer team

Sports - Mirror Lake tracksters close undefeated regular season

Sports - Eagle River girls soccer could boost school's sports program

Sports - Gruening enters city races with scant results for comparison

May - 19 - 2010

Obits - Lee M. Cline

People - Achievements

People - Military Honors

Briefs - Senate candidate to visit Eagle River Saturday

Briefs - Michael and Isabella top Alaska names

Copscourts - Police Blotter: May 19, 2010

Copscourts - Burglaries not up, police say

Copscourts - Impatient forgers arrested at credit union

Copscourts - Railroad rowdies arrested

Copscourts - Teen with BB gun shatters SUV window

Copscourts - BMX bike stolen

Military - Arctic Military Police Battalion uncasing of the colors

News - MEA announces rate increase

News - Regulators deny more time to build LNG plant in AK

News - Fresh herbs easy to grow in Alaska's long daylight

News - Curbside recycling expanded

News - Shortage of veterans'care a concern

News - Saddler to pursue Dahlstrom's seat

News - From goats to race track, Stewart did it all

News - Red Day goes blue

News - Phyllis Stewart Smith recalls simpler, not easier times

News - The last great plate race

Opinion - Bernie Stewart touched lives of most on Hiland Road

Opinion - New health-care law will increase costs, reduce benefits

Opinion - On the Glenn Highway, like on 'Cheers,' everybody knows your name

Schools - Chugiak High teens take top recycling award

Sports - Chugiak boys limp through week, Wolves close soccer season strong

Sports - Mustangs softball team starts week well, falters at end

Sports - Mustangs stymie Wolves' postseason ball plans

Sports - Mirror Lake track team captures city championships

Sports - Wolves fall to Chugiak, but cap off soccer win against East

Sports - Chugiak girls, Eagle River boys advance to state track meet

May - 20 - 2010

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mea guy


this is the story

May - 26 - 2010

Obits - Lovetta Darlene LeDoux

Obits - John Paul Nix, Jr.


Copscourts - Police Blotter: May 26, 2010

Copscourts - Dog bites woman delivering child safety pack

Copscourts - Jailed on DWI? Lock up first

Copscourts - Passed out in the drive-through

Military - Elmendorf's Lori Bell recognized as Military Spouse of the Year

News - Yes Dawn, there is gold'

News - Skateboard park only 'preliminary'

News - MEA crews plan busy summer in Eagle River

News - Enter scented heaven with plants from Hawaii, tropics

Opinion - Significance of Memorial Day is in better focus now

Opinion - People Mover bus-service loss devalues Chugiak-Eagle River

Opinion - No trespassing' means just that

Schools - Leaving their mark

Sports - Chugiak soccer team falls to West in end-season matchup

Sports - State track meet yields fast marks for Chugiak, ER athletes

Sports - Chugiak defeats Eagle River, both teams' seasons end

Sports - Eagle River pulls win over Service, faces Chugiak next

Sports - Chugiak hands exit to Eagle River High

Sports - Football stadium named for Huffer

Sports - American Legion season swings into play

Sports - Chugiak grad Griffin heating it up for the Suns

Sports - Cherry heads to NCAA running championships

Jun - 02 - 2010

People - Military Honors

People - Thank yous

Briefs - Chugiak High Class of 1995 is planning its 15-year reunion

Copscourts - Police Blotter: June 3, 2010

Copscourts - Two arrested for driving under the influence

Copscourts - Instant car-ma

Copscourts - Fake fives making the rounds

Copscourts - Dime bag adds up to arrest

Copscourts - Brass knuckles spotted in Saturn

Letters - Dahlstrom thanks community for its support

Military - Ready for anything

News - 3 seek Senate seat being vacated by Bunde

News - From modest to modeling

News - Garden to go: Containers simplify but still need TLC

News - Backyard bears killed in Eagle River

News - Wildfire threatens Eklutna Lake area

Opinion - Beware the bruins; they're out in force

Opinion - Dogs find a way into our hearts

Schools - Homestead's fond farewell

Sports - Bitten by running bug? Check out these fun June races

Sports - Chugiak youth soccer starts this week

Sports - Chugiak JV wins title of its own

Sports - Chugiak wins conference softball title, now heads to state

Jun - 09 - 2010

Obits - Kenneth William Miller

People - Achievements

People - Births

People - Grand re-opening!

People - Books

People - Military Honors

Briefs - Bear Paw seeks 2010 pageant contestants

Briefs - Country Financial wants to award your No. 1 dad

Briefs - Lt. governor to speak at Chamber luncheon

Copscourts - Police Blotter: June 10, 2010

Copscourts - Holiday spurs rash of DUI arrests

Copscourts - Couple sleep while children cry

Copscourts - Trunk tapper gets rapped

Letters - Giessel a good choice for Senate seat P

Letters - Dahlstrom's work was much appreciated

Letters - Skate park in neighborhood seems a real threat

Letters - Proposed skateboard park relocation a bad idea

Letters - Current facility is a sorry excuse for a skate park


Military - 98th Maintenance Company returns from Afghanistan

Military - DAV chapter elects its first female commander

Military - John Nix: A hero among us

Military - Letters, notes offer insights into quiet man

Military - The price of military service

News - Creative solution protects plants, adds whimsy to garden

News - More bears shot in Eagle River

News - Race for Dahlstrom's seat heats up

News - Camp teaches kids realities of gun safety

News - Assembly's Johnston joins Senate seat P race

Opinion - Begich's grace under fire is behavior to emulate

Opinion - Know fitness level of your canine friend

Sports - Chugiak Post 33 gets best of Eagle River Legion baseball

Sports - Third-time tri-umph

Sports - Chugiak softball team battles for third-place state finish

Sports - Little number marks a big step

Sports - Crow, 12, takes 16th in Government Peak run

Sports - The Dome files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Sports - Homer Spit Run slated June 26

Sports - Brogdon completes softball season with Marietta College

Jun - 10 - 2010

Breaking News - html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> MEA lineman suffers electrical shock

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Alaska Star - News

MEA lineman suffers electrical shock


Alaska Star

An apprentice lineman for Matanuska Electric Association suffered an electrical shock and minor injuries Wednesday afternoon during a routine maintenance job on an underground cable in Eagle River. ⊨Steve Claire, 42, was home near Palmer six hours later, with what he described as "very minor" burns on his hands and chest. ⊨"It's just one of them things," Claire said by phone from his home Thursday morning. "Everybody was surprised and really happy it turned out the way it did. Usually it turns out worse."⊨Claire started with MEA June 1. ⊨Wednesday, he was working in the Eaglewood subdivision with two "seasoned" linemen, Todd Niva and Glenn Durkee, MEA said. The crew was injecting into the buried cable a gooey chemical substance that guards against water intrusion into cracks and holes. ⊨Claire said he basically was working one minute, flat on his back the next. He declined to comment on the reasons for the accident.⊨"It was an accident. Things happen. It's a dangerous job," he said. ⊨Claire was talking and conscious after the accident. He was transported to Alaska Regional Hospital, where he said he spent six hours, mostly to make sure his heart wasn't damaged by the jolt of electricity that passed through it. ⊨The three had been working on the same project without incident, MEA said. ⊨Claire was flying to California for his daughter's high-school graduation on Friday. He's got a checkup on Monday, and hopes to be back at work soon after.

Jun - 16 - 2010

Obits - Arthur W. Braendel

People - Achievments


People - Military Honors

Copscourts - Police Blotter: June 17, 2010

Copscourts - Rush-hour runway

Copscourts - Salesman makes alarming visit

Copscourts - Partier with pistol gets popped

Copscourts - Keep it down

Copscourts - Driving under the influence arrests

Letters - DOT crews impressive with bike path clearing

Letters - Birchwood students share their joy during day at Beach Lake Lodge

Letters - Katkus thanks state for its supportof major project involving rail bridge

Military - Deployments over, families appreciate time together

News - Birchwood Apartments scheduled for major upgrade

News - Eagle River loses ambassador

News - Anglers: More fish in future

News - We grow 'em big down in the cabbage patch

Opinion - Summer solstice is upon us, so let the countdown begin

Opinion - What's Alaska's plan for "beyond BP"?

Opinion - Will healthy eaters die of boredom?

Sports - Soccer camp brings collegiate coaches to local athletes

Sports - Camaraderie is par for the course

Sports - Eagle River Legion blasts Bartlett for first win

Jun - 23 - 2010

Obits - Jean Rose Mahoney

People - Business

People - Applause

Copscourts - Police Blotter: June 24, 2010

Copscourts - Drinking and driving - literally

Copscourts - Assault reported at wrestling camp

Copscourts - Man 1, Window 0 at Homestead Lounge

Copscourts - Worst kind of litter ends up on car

Letters - Shouting still best solution to bear problem

Letters - Stamp Out Hunger breaks national record

Military - Caring canines

News - AG reviews Dahlstrom job

News - New trial set for accused embezzler of church funds

News - Get wild: Native plants provide natural look, hardy beauty

Opinion - Money, unfortunately, is the winner in governor's race

Opinion - I want to be in pictures'

Sports - Helped by homers, Chugiak Legion climbs out of slump

Sports - From Chugiak standout to 'stud'

Sports - Congratulations to the fifth and sixth grade Chugiak/Eagle River Huskies

Sports - Aiming to win

Sports - Rachel Runs: June 24, 2010

Jun - 30 - 2010


People - Burgess - Munson

People - Military Honors

Briefs - Planning and Zoning to review Beach Lake plan

Copscourts - Police Blotter: June 30, 2010

Copscourts - Man escapes custodian, eludes police

Copscourts - Shots into ground end bear-dog encounter

Copscourts - Tussle instead of a trim at Great Clips

Copscourts - No pizza for you

Copscourts - Wanted? Don't camp illegally

Copscourts - Burning busts cable guy

Military - Valor under fire: 4-25 solders receive Silver Star

News - Old Glenn upgrades zoom ahead

News - Scene @ your Library

News - Want berries before fall? Plant them at home

News - Eagle River airport van fuels debate

News - A fun and fiery fourth in Chugiak-Eagle River

News - Get a job!

Opinion - In some ways, living by the tides not much different from news deadlines

Opinion - Serious issues require substantive discussion during campaign season

Opinion - Wildlife encounters enrich time outdoors

Sports - Football camp draws national coaches, kick-starts season

Sports - Wolves JV baseball advances from pool play in tournament

Sports - Rachel Runs: Minor setback only a hiccup

Sports - Young Eagle River bodybuilder wins first competition

Jul - 07 - 2010

Obits - Dale L. Wormus

Obits - Eric John Fischer


People - Births

People - Military Honors

Briefs - Weekend road closures for Bear Paw

Briefs - VA offers bronze medallions for headstones

Copscourts - Police Blotter: July 8, 2010

Copscourts - Motor homes go on illegal vacation, one comes back

Copscourts - Valuables grabbed from vehicles

Copscourts - Frustrated wrestler grapples with table

Copscourts - Minor consumes, resists

Copscourts - DUI arrests

Military - A shifting mission: ER soldier sends a dispatch from Iraq

News - Dahlstrom quits military advisor post

News - Eagle River's Joker back on the ballot

News - One Chugiak resident killed, two injured in crash on Glenn Highway

News - An unrelenting race: Mount Marathon draws local runners

News - Different kind of church fires up Bear Paw with Friday night performance

News - Currant bushes generate prolific berries, electrifying flowers

Opinion - The pursuit of happiness

Opinion - Mount Marathon adjectives: grueling, gouging, bone-jarring

Sports - These shoes were made for mountains, those for roads

Sports - Cubs defeat A's to take Knik majors title

Sports - Knik All-Star teams hit tournament week with limited rosters

Jul - 14 - 2010

Obits - Arthur F. Wallace


People - Quite the feet

Copscourts - Man accused of child porn possession

Copscourts - Police investigate sexual assault at party

Copscourts - Coffee stand ransacked

Copscourts - Man, woman found 2 hours after crash

Copscourts - Traffic 'sandwich' snarls Glenn

Copscourts - DUIs never take a holiday

Copscourts - Apparent arson extinguished by passersby

Copscourts - Police Blotter: July 15, 2010

Military - New commander heads Army

News - Acoustic act to take the stage at Fine Arts Academy

News - Beach Lake: commission passes plan


News - Crews respond to Taco Bell roof fire

News - Educated, enthusiastic – Master Gardeners are here to help

News - Longtime Chugiak-Eagle River library manager to retire

News - Municipality: Mr. Maidl, tear down that waterfall

News - Parnell stumps in Eagle River, heads for election touting broad platform

Opinion - Check voter registration

Opinion - Take advantage of summer's green to reduce the simmering stress

Sports - Bear Paw: feeling that runner's high

Sports - ER Legion heads into tourney with super-loaded schedule

Sports - More than 700 runners show up for Bear Paw 5-K race

Sports - Three Knik All-Star teams garner high seeds in tourney

Jul - 21 - 2010

Obits - Cyndy Patnode

Obits - Virginia Fullmer

People - Madeline Grace Baxter


Briefs - Bid farewell to retiring librarian at open house

Copscourts - Police Blotter: July 22, 2010

Copscourts - Copper caper may be husband-wife job

Copscourts - Walk in Chugiak reveals non-native buds

Copscourts - Eagle River man makes stand for some quiet

Copscourts - Man seeing red runs over orange cones

Copscourts - Driving under the influence arrests

Letters - Pig fed at Bear Paw

Letters - Help for 'disheartening' situation on Breckenridge Drive

Military - Goodbye Kulis, hello Elmendorf: 176th holds final picnic

News - Bookstore robber is sentenced

News - Biologist: Keep bears out of garbage, away from chickens

News - Plant perennials for flowers this summer and years to come

News - Firewise program could fizzle by next year

News - Senior center celebrates 35 years with barbecue and auction

Opinion - Fishing gets serious as tides rip and Inlet turns rough

Opinion - Eklutna Lake keeps our water taps flowing

Sports - Can-do attitude, commitment pay off for Eagle River rowers

Sports - Chugiak wrestling guru is the man behind the curtain

Sports - Pondering track versus trails

Jul - 28 - 2010

Obits - Douglas L. Hall

Obits - E. Cherrie Ruesch


People - BIRTHS:Fraternal twins Petla Evan Noden and Mary Jean Noden



Briefs - BRIEFS: July 29, 2010

Copscourts - Police Briefs: July 29, 2010

Copscourts - Police Blotter: July 29, 2010

Letters - Another Breckenridge resident weighs in on waterfall

Letters - Hiland Road hazardous for health of cyclists

Military - Elmendorf and Richardson unify

News - Coronado condos break ground

News - Homegrown preteen pageant princess

News - New nature center plans gain traction for 2013

News - Peppers piquant addition to garden – just add heat

News - Unruly Birchwood bar patron picks fight with police

Opinion - Aches and pains of fishing eased by crew that's like family

Opinion - Governor Parnell's Denali KidCare veto denies health care to poor children and pregnant women

Opinion - More than just rain falls from the sky

Schools - Getting mentally fit

Sports - Eagle River shooter aims for world

Sports - New record set at challenging Crow Pass Crossing

Aug - 04 - 2010

People - Charlotte Hazel Knox

People - Military Honors

Briefs - African children's choir performs in Eagle River

Briefs - Youth court holds fall classes

Cal - Man assaulted with bat

Cal - Marijuana found in car blocking traffic

Copscourts - Area burglaries

Copscourts - Driving under the influence arrests

Copscourts - Police Blotter: August 4, 2010

Letters - Garbage dumping stinks

Letters - Giessel is best choice

Military - Cigar-chomping Chugiak store owner loved classical music

Military - Farewell to the fallen

News - Create a rain-friendly garden to embrace this damp summer

News - Chugiak's colorfully clad clan

News - Eagle River man named manager of branch library

News - Pack acts fearless around people

News - Savanah's star is rising

Opinion - Alaska can be a leader in clean energy

Opinion - Moose, bear, goat – Alaska's original outdoor athletes

Schools - Ripped and ready

Sports - Chugiak Legion finishes third in state baseball tournament

Sports - Football first course in summer high-school smorgasbord

Sports - Wolves, Mustangs display gridiron talent in preseason

Sports - Rachel Runs

Aug - 10 - 2010

News - Former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens dies in plane crash

Aug - 11 - 2010

People - Achievements

People - Announcements

Copscourts - Police Blotter: August 12, 2010

Copscourts - Police Briefs: August 12, 2010

Letters - Cyclists should avoid Hiland

Letters - Homeowners have right to point arms at bears

Military - Soldiers report to schools

News - Catherine "Cathy" A. Giessel

News - Car-stealing forgers cornered at bank

News - Eat fresh

News - Eagle River couples file same-sex suit

News - Jennifer B. Johnston

News - Janet Reiser

News - Miller campaign makes stop in Eagle River

News - Mark Moronell, MD

News - News Briefs: August 12, 2010

News - Pilot of ill-fated Stevens flight Eagle River resident

News - Remembering 'Uncle Ted'

Offbeat - Idaho farmer unknowingly watered and fertilized more than 300 marijuana plan

Offbeat - Woman punchs restaurant employees and smashs a drive-thru window because she couldn't get Chicken McNuggets.

Opinion - A bizarre bivouac on Bold Peak

Opinion - Season's last hurrah calls on fishermen's other talents

Schools - Young slug saviors

Sports - Eagle River snarls at Lathrop to win first game at 'Wolf's Den'

Sports - Mustangs ride Ghramm, Harris to comeback win

Sports - Forging friendships

Sports - Week of rain serves up tennis practice in gym or in drizzle

Aug - 18 - 2010

Obits - Eric Paul Wallingford

Obits - John and Dolores "Dolly" Graybill

People - Achievment

People - local Author

People - Military News

Copscourts - Police Blotter: August 18, 2010

Copscourts - Police Briefs: August 18, 2010

Military - Alaska Air National Guard travels to Mongolia

News - Anchorage Public Library: Don't go back to school without it

News - Bill Cook

News - City faces massive budget shortfall

News - Coordinator of coordinators' retires from St. Andrew

News - Dan Kendall

News - Dan Saddler

News - Graybill crash is 'end ofan era'

News - Martin Lindeke

News - Subdivision planned for homestead

News - Weather before crash 'turbulent, dark, rainy'

Opinion - Births: August 18, 2010

Opinion - Scaling education's mountainis the best ascent of all

Opinion - Tragedy strikes too often in the wilds of Alaska

Schools - Back to school shopping tips

Sports - Cross-country running gets young athletes in shape for year of activity

Sports - Chugiak's icon of football

Sports - Mustang hockey loses tough, tender-hearted coach

Sports - Running with the Wolves

Sports - Throwing down the gauntlet

Aug - 25 - 2010


People - AWARDS


People - Nurturing community

Copscourts - POLICE BRIEFS:Thursday, August 26, 2010

Copscourts - Police Blotter: Thursday, August 26, 2010

Letters - Patience goes a long way in sharing the road

Military - From Chugiak grad to commander

News - Alaska economy faring OK

News - Cook captures District 18

News - Giessel gets GOP nod for Senate seat

News - Miller-Murkowski race still too close to call

News - Parnell wins GOP vote for governor's race

Opinion - Chugiak-Eagle River residents do their part in elections

Opinion - Land development not anything new

Opinion - Three most-hated words: 'Some assembly required'

Schools - Education Briefs: Thursday, August 26, 2010

Schools - New year, small shifts

Schools - School numbers lower than projected

Sports - Lack of discipline costs Eagle River


Sports - Regrettably, water-slog absent at this year's Bartlett Invite

Sports - Sosa the inspiration behind Healthy Futures

Sports - Upcoming prep sports schedule

Sports - Wolves look to climb volleyball ladder that Mustangs dominate

Sports - West trounces Chugiak in momentous home game

Sep - 02 - 2010

Obits - Kenneth Elmer Tyler


People - Happenings

People - Military News

Briefs - Briefs: Thursday, September 2, 2010

Briefs - Military Briefs

Briefs - School Briefs

Cal - Police Briefs: Thursday, September 2, 2010

Copscourts - Police Blotter: Anchorage Police Department

Military - Alaska soldiers embark on effort to help Pakistan flood victims

Military - Chugiak grad wrestling a new challenge

Military - Diploma in hand

News - Become an Everyday Hero' at emergency preparedness fair

News - Bill Cook clings to 3-vote lead in House race

News - A small town with style

News - Vet City' to rise at Eklutna?

Opinion - Aging includes a cruise on the river called 'denial'

Opinion - Embarrassing moment in sports a chance to learn from mistakes Eagle River High football coach Kenny Ray is my hero.

Schools - Holy Maley!

Sports - Chugiak dominates tournament

Sports - Flag football season revs up with loaded teams

Sports - Get your 10,000 – calories or steps – at the Fair

Sports - Sports Briefs

Sports - Soggy night doesn't dampen Wolves' football resolve

Sep - 03 - 2010

News - Eagle River men charged in murder of missing man

Sep - 08 - 2010

Obits - Harvey Charles Albright, Jr.



Briefs - Briefs: Thursday, September 9, 2010

Copscourts - Police Briefs

Copscourts - Police Blotter:

Letters - Baker's column an inspiration to older people

Letters - Fun column on age denial

Letters - Saddler thanks readers for District 18 support

Military - Boy Scout jamboree a different kind of assignment

Military - Harvard graduate takes reins of 4-25

News - Brutal 'lesson' ends in murder

News - Forget Vegas; hail, Homer

News - Happy reunion for lost visitor

Offbeat - Mount Vista unveils for a spectacular view

Opinion - Recent actions in community prompt pride, revulsion

Schools - Banned bands

Schools - School Briefs

Sports - Barto, Collins shine in high-flying gymnastics debut

Sports - Chugiak volleyballers unbeaten; Wolves hungry for victory

Sports - Flag football teams eye season's second half, hoping for success

Sports - Frenzy in the fourth


Sports - Mustangs, Wolves open conference swim seasons

Sports - Don't let rain dampen your running resolve

Sports - Study: Milk, it does an athlete's body good

Sports - Tennis teams battle big-city ranks, capturing some wins

Sports - Wolves' perseverance makes West's defeat a struggle

Sep - 15 - 2010

Obits - James Carlton "Moz" Brand


People - Collecting cans for the cause


Copscourts - Police Blotter: Thursday, September 16, 2010

Copscourts - Police Briefs: Thursday, September 16, 2010

Letters - Lindeke helps veterans; we should, too

Letters - Missing man's family thanks those who helped

Letters - There are other options for vet housing

Military - Feeding the forces

News - Canine cops

News - Elementary student rebuffs stranger

News - Glenn Highway road construction a temporary delay

News - Library's summer reading program proves vital

News - MEA box clearing sparks fight

News - News Briefs: Thursday, September 16, 2010

News - Saddler expects to win District 18

Opinion - A few easy short cuts can make you look cool on the cheap

Opinion - No matter the federal rules, people create business success

Schools - SCHOOL BRIEFS: Thursday, September 16, 2010



Sports - Huffer leads girls to football win

Sports - Middle School cross-country running gets under way

Sports - Sports Briefs: Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sports - Service's onslaught adds insult to injury to Eagle River

Sports - Sloppy play stalls Mustang drive toward playoff berth

Sports - Those mountains made for hiking

Sports - Talent pool runs deep for Chugiak runners

Sep - 22 - 2010

Obits - Louettie Amanda "Tootie" Kochendorfer


People - Births: Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spotlight - Spotlight: JoEllen Walters

Copscourts - Police Blotter: Thursday, September 23, 2010

Copscourts - Police Briefs: Thursday, September 23, 2010

Military - Thrifty shoppers have two choices

News - Saddler wins State House District 18 recount

News - Police arrest child-care worker

News - Puppy love

Opinion - Rain doesn't dampen spirits at Bear Mountain wedding

Opinion - Why finding dependable child care is so scary

Schools - EDUCATION BRIEFS: Thursday, September 23, 2010

Schools - South coaching staff is all about Chugiak

Schools - Snowboard superstar

Sports - How are you at your ABCDs?

Sports - Advantage, youth

Sports - Despite tenacity, victory eludes Wolves

Sports - Football Stats: Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sports - Spotlight: JoEllen Walters

Sports - Mustangs on the march in flag football

Sports - Mustangs' teamwork results in bruising win against East

Sports - Mustangs volleyballers try luck in Vegas

Sports - Sports Briefs: Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sports - SPORTS CALENDAR: Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sep - 30 - 2010

Obits - Carl H. Steeby

People - Births: Thursday, September 30, 2010

People - WEDDINGS: Thursday, September 30, 2010

Copscourts - POLICE BLOTTER: Thursday, September 30, 2010

Copscourts - POLICE BRIEFS: Thursday, September 30, 2010

Letters - Don't let insiders destroy Murkowski like they did Stevens

Letters - Fire Station 11 shows its support to Scouts

Letters - Write in Murkowski so solid leadership can continue

Military - Father turns loss into suicide-prevention mission

News - All jazzed up about the Fine Arts Academy

News - City investigates jailed child-care provider

News - Fall fishin'

News - Need help finding dependable child care?

Opinion - Going for Bold: a shared success

Opinion - Murkowski-Miller mess compromises election process

Schools - EDUCATION BRIEFS: Thursday, September 30, 2010

Schools - More the merrier at Alpenglow

Schools - Powder Ridge leads as site of new school

Schools - The process: site selection first, public input later

Sports - Cross-country runners sprint to the top

Sports - Come-from-behind win puts Chugiak in playoffs

Sports - Mustangs' Collins and McGill, Eagle River Wolves' Barto enjoy gynmastics success

Sports - Ouch! Competition heats up in flag football

Sports - I 'kidney' you this much

Sports - SPORTS SCHEDULE: Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sports - They're out, but not down

Sports - Will the ball be in their court?

Oct - 06 - 2010


People - Births



Spotlight - Spotlight: Father Paul B. Smith

Copscourts - Police Blotter: Thursday, October 7, 2010

Copscourts - Police Briefs: Thursday, October 7, 2010

Letters - Friends note Steeby's contributions to area's growth

Letters - Supper for Sisters unite to help woman in Sudan

Military - Eagle River native gets Bronze Star

News - Branch reopening highlights need for libraries in our communities

News - Cook launches state's only write-in campaign for House

News - FOCUS staff responds to allegations

News - Inchworm infestation morphs to moth invasion

News - Ladder truck faces budget ax

News - Sexual abuse case stuns special-needs agency

Opinion - Celebrate Fire Prevention Week with working smoke alarm

Opinion - What is success? You be the judge

Schools - Begich introduces legislation for science and math education

Schools - Back to back strokes

Schools - Chugiak's Hartke nabs top-10 at state cross-country meet

Schools - Eagle River fields team for national cyber competition

Schools - Making fitness fun

Schools - VFW scholarship, arts competition gets under way

Sports - Bulawa leads Mustangs on all-CIC team

Sports - Juneau-Douglas eliminates Chugiak in football face-off

Sports - Middle school runners complete season strong

Sports - Sports Brief: FLAG FOOTBALL

Sports - Sports Brief: TENNIS

Sports - Sports Brief: GYMNASTICS

Sports - A sport of mental toughness

Sports - SPORTS SCHEDULE: Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sports - Use PFD to invest in health

Sports - Wolves win Homer tourney, Mustangs sweep up at home

Oct - 13 - 2010

Obits - Robert "Bob" Shafer


People - Births

People - Business

People - Engagments


Copscourts - Police Blotter

Copscourts - Police Briefs

Letters - Elementary school site purchase raises questions about funding

Military - Fort Rich says goodbye to fallen soldiers of 3rd MEB

News - Annual Chugiak-Eagle River pageant set for Saturday

News - Firefighter's cancer death was 'in line of duty'

News - News Briefs

News - Preserving a Cold War citadel

Opinion - Don't let Miller's crime rob us of freedom, too

Opinion - Here's the full scoop on moose poop

Schools - Education Briefs:

Schools - School's out on vaccines

Sports - Gymnasts 'think pink' for coming quad meet

Sports - Hockey standout named to U.S. national college team

Sports - Olympics in his sights

Sports - Sport Briefs


Sports - Wolves, Mustangs earn CIC all-conference football honors

Sports - Wanted: Running partner with a positive attitude

Sports - Wolves wrestlers pinning their hopes on success

Oct - 20 - 2010

Obits - Linda Maxwell

People - Births

People - Lewis-Graham engagement

Spotlight - Spotlight: Melissa Lee Apodaca

Copscourts - Police Blotter: Thursday, October 21, 2010

Copscourts - Police Briefs: Thursday, October 21, 2010

Letters - Crawford the best listener for congressional seat

Letters - Harv's went above and beyond

Letters - Miller leaves too many questions unanswered

Letters - Questioned ballots left uncounted for District 18

Military - Flying high, landing safe

News - Honoring firefighter Andy Mullen

News - Battle heats up in Senate seat P race

News - Know any BP employees? Send them your contributions for Friends of the Library

News - Onslaught of tire changeovers not yet at full force

News - Temple, Walters Rockwell win pageant titles

Opinion - Seriously, what is the allure of celebrities?

Opinion - Thank goodness elections are close: Ugliness can finally stop

Schools - Future voters put candidates to the test in debate

Sports - Aerial artists

Sports - Balancing their peak

Sports - Cogdell ranked 8th in the world

Sports - First a King, now a Star

Sports - Journey to healthful living hard but rewarding


Sports - Tournament a chance for wrestlers to size up opponents

Sports - The target tally

Oct - 27 - 2010

Obits - James "Jim" Richard Byrne


People - weddings

Copscourts - Police Blotter:

Copscourts - Police Briefs

Letters - Character counts in this year's election

Letters - Giessel the best choice for Senate seat P

Letters - Giessel takes high road

Letters - Saddler the candidate to follow through on promises

Letters - Write-in candidates really can win

Military - Guard recruit marries and enlists on same day

News - The candidates of Chugiak-Eagle River

News - Crossing church fire could have been much worse

News - Hawker has opponent, barely

News - Little-known Democrat eyes Stoltze's seat

Opinion - Social networking sites tend to be antisocial

Opinion - Votes like nuggets of gold; losing one can make big difference

Schools - Alpenglow teacher named a presidential math award finalist

Sports - Gymnasts head into CIC tournament precision perfect

Sports - Sports Briefs:

Sports - Tacking on another football win


Sports - Wolves stalking Mustangs in CIC volleyball standings

Sports - Pop Warner teams shine at state

Nov - 03 - 2010

Obits - Takoda-Quin L. Zimmerman

People - Births



Spotlight - LeiLani Steddum & Prestley Nichols

Briefs - Briefs: Nov 3, 2010

Copscourts - Police Blotter: Nov 3, 2010

Copscourts - Police Briefs: Nov 3, 2010

Letters - Tri-Lakes trout need protection

Military - Hundreds of veterans leave Alaska for medical treatment

Military - Hero' survives bomb in Iraq and still re-enlists

News - Chugiak-Eagle River library offers plenty for students

News - Election Returns (unofficial)

News - Early returns favor Murkowski

News - Giessel wins Senate

News - Saddler headed for state House

Opinion - Rescue of Chilean miners a reminder of what could be

Opinion - With my calendar, winter is three months long

Schools - Getting to know the night sky

Sports - Getting back in the exercise groove

Sports - Gymnasts celebrate camaraderie and competition

Sports - Generation gap

Sports - Local wrestlers get a good hold on state rankings


Sports - Swimmers shave off the seconds at CIC competition

Sports - Volleyballers set up for state play

Nov - 11 - 2010

People - Doss-Brown Engagement

Copscourts - POLICE BRIEFS: November 11, 2010

Copscourts - POLICE BLOTTER: November 11, 2010

Letters - Wolves volleyball success a story to be shared

Letters - Young looks out for the next generation

Military - U.S. Army Alaska celebrates festival with Indian Army


News - Delicious memories from Eagle River's Tastee-Freez

News - Homeless thespians

News - No tall tale here: Veteran broke rules to save a life

News - Wolves on the prowl

Opinion - Medals and honors not the only symbol of what it means to be a veteran


Opinion - Technology – what could we live without?

Schools - Loescher's memory lives on in computer lab

Sports - Chugiak maintains volleyball stronghold over Eagle River

Sports - Chugiak swimmers rally for strong finish

Sports - Goalies pull out the stops as prep hockey gets under way

Sports - SPORTS SCHEDULE: November 11, 2010


Sports - The adjusted mantra: Let it snow. And snow. And snow ...

Sports - Wolves on the wrestling prowl as season heats up

Nov - 17 - 2010

Obits - Jonathan Lee Ferguson

People - Weddings

Copscourts - POLICE BLOTTER: November 18, 2010

Copscourts - Police Briefs: November 18, 2010

Letters - Ed Loescher computer lab dedication a touching tribute

Military - Coast Guard admiral drops puck at Aces military night

News - Assembly passes tobacco-tax hike

News - Eagle River child killed in highway rollover

News - Guitarist celebrates new CD

Opinion - Federal assistance or not, it's time to act our age

Opinion - Gunsight Mountain – Beautiful loop trip is a 'tear drop'

Schools - Motivating early engineers

Sports - Battling the big boys

Sports - Heroines of hockey



Sports - Studded shoes open up a whole new season of running

Sports - State title eludes Mustangs

Sports - Stacking up the pucks

Nov - 23 - 2010

Obits - Nancy Lottie Brush Killoran

Obits - Ronald LeRoy Swavely


People - Births


Briefs - Briefs


Copscourts - POLICE BRIEFS

Letters - CHS choir made these moms proud

Letters - Leave the wolves alone

Military - Branding JBER an ongoing 'information campaign'

Military - Memorial planned Monday for F-22 pilot

News - Close call

News - Chamber eyeing new digs

News - Mental growth for the mind: Reading

News - Thanksgiving charities offer free food, meals

Opinion - Something to be thankful for: Icy roads are our biggest concern

Opinion - Time is fleeting – enjoy the moments inside the moments

Schools - Three Cups of Tea' tales prompt Pennies for Peace project

Sports - Eagle River tastes victory in high-energy tournament

Sports - Forge healthier traditions this Thanksgiving

Sports - Lanes are packed

Sports - McPhetres signs UAF ski team letter of intent

Sports - Play ball – not

Sports - Sports Briefs

Sports - Wolves' Taus, Mustangs' Morrison make it to wrestling finals

Dec - 02 - 2010

Obits - Patricia A. Amerson

Obits - Irvin Edward Griffith, Jr.

People - Births

People - Calderone-Trimble

Spotlight - Spotlight on Philip Lambert

Briefs - Downtown travel study goes before P&Z Commission

Copscourts - APD speed-busters include some locals

Copscourts - Police Blotter

Copscourts - Police Briefs

Letters - Budget cuts to Fire Station 11 puts lives at risk

Military - Local boy tops in Guard shooting


News - Coyote Ski Trails sport new signs

News - Join library-book queue with virtual waiting line

News - Plans to ax ladder truck under fire

News - Ready, set, snow!

News - Snow Queen' comes to town

News - Assembly considers fireworks provision

Opinion - Get to know your community at this year's Merry Merchant Munch

Opinion - What is a true Alaskan?

Schools - School District asks public for input on cuts

Sports - Feel the burn – and know it's not dangerous

Sports - Grapplers have their eyes pinned on state finals

Sports - Ice, holidays wreak havoc on prep sports; games resume this week

Sports - Ski season can officially begin with arrival of white stuff

Dec - 08 - 2010

Obits - Billie Louise Hemphill

Obits - Juanita Ash


People - Births

People - George-Johnson Engagement

People - Helping Robbie


People - Three signings planned at area bookstores

Briefs - News Briefs

Copscourts - Police Boltter

Copscourts - Police Briefs

Letters - We live in a wild place; expect wildlife

Military - Strongman flexes military pride

News - Small town, big fun

News - Smokers rescue fire truck

News - Wolves make hockey history in Chugiak upset

Opinion - It's the cursed cold...'

Opinion - Murkowski explains opposition to earmarks ban

Schools - Making connections to Native ways


Sports - Borrego snatches conference title in wrestling

Sports - But...there's snow all over that mountain

Sports - Chugiak's Kinsey Loan smokes competition in debut ski race

Sports - Goalie's approach to hockey helps nab win against Fairbanks

Sports - Sports Briefs


Sports - Wolves riflery team enjoys top-gun status

Dec - 15 - 2010


People - Births



Spotlight - Bryan J. Rollins

Briefs - Anchorage utility proposes rate increases for water, sewer

Copscourts - Police Blotter

Copscourts - Police Briefs

Military - Not home for the holidays

News - All I want for winter is a pile of Alaskan books

News - Gunfire noise annoys

News - Holiday cheer abounds in Thunderbird Falls contest

News - Lantern parade brightens the solstice night

Opinion - Bah humbug' moments tempered by 'ahh' reprieve

Opinion - Looking for the light

Opinion - Sports complex would make life much easier for local athletes

Schools - Become a hero: Read like a fiend

Schools - Group suggests school budget cuts

Sports - Chugiak High skiers take two-three at Lynx Loppet

Sports - No goals, yet still one win for girls hockey players

Sports - Peninsula road trip nets Chugiak two hockey wins



Sports - Settling for seconds

Dec - 22 - 2010

Obits - Arthur "Dale" McBride

Obits - David Joseph Tanner

Obits - Frances Jean Todd

Briefs - Historical Society eligible for Click.Pick.Give.

Copscourts - Police Blotter: December 23, 2010

Copscourts - Police Briefs: December 23, 2010

Letters - Artillery training part of military reality

Letters - Gunfire is a reminder of the price of freedom

Letters - Gunfire noise – a different perspective

Military - Base commander names home child care provider of year

Military - Military Honors

News - AWWU wants rate hike

News - For healthier, safer Christmas tree, keep it watered, inspect lights

News - Heavenly helpers

News - Road rage' injures 2 students

Opinion - Looking for the light : Part 2

Opinion - Whatever your celebration, may it be made special by memories

Schools - Dear Santa

Sports - A fun alternative to winter running? Snowshoes

Sports - Chugiak hoopsters get boost in Peninsula tournament

Sports - Despite 5-0 loss, girls hockey players remain upbeat

Sports - Eagle River inches up in hockey standings

Sports - Locals shine in first of Besh Cup series ski races


Dec - 29 - 2010

Obits - James M. Ellis

Obits - Marty Lovejoy


Spotlight - In the spotlight: Pat Mullett

Copscourts - Police Blotter

Copscourts - POLICE BRIEFS

Letters - Washington readers seeks Alaska information

Military - Veterans want your Alaskana

News - Christmas Day outage turns out lights for thousands in Eagle River

News - Locals help needy in Africa

News - State hopes to eliminate local wolves

News - Wolves attack Wooly

News - Year in Review

Opinion - Power outage doesn't darken the spirit of Christmas

Opinion - Residents of Chugiak-Eagle River create successes of 2010

Sports - Sports Briefs

Sports - Wood wins Chugiak Dog Mushers points race 2

Sports - The Year in Sports